About E4FMoney

Who we are

The E4FMoney story starts in 2020, when the company was officially registered in Lithuania. Since then, it is continuously looking to expand across Europe, aiming to become one of the most popular and reliable payment services on the continent.

Today, our business helps its customers from all over Europe to manage their money and send & receive payments without any hassle.

What we do

E4FMoney is a simple to use, secure, fast, and fair priced money transfer service that is available through a web interface or a mobile app.

The value we bring to our customers resides around how simple it is to use E4FMoney. We are bringing convenience through fast and secure payments initiated in very few steps, in an industry where regulations, security systems, poor usability, and bureaucracy are the norm.

Our Vision
We are on a mission to make worldwide money transfers as simple as making a phone call. All without the papers, the trip to the bank, the long waiting time, and the high commissions. You can initiate a money transfer through E4FMoney in just a few seconds. Moreover, the funds will arrive almost instantly at their destination. For the moment, E4FMoney is available for the European market only.
Our Mission

E4FMoney is build on the following values: