The only platform you need to manage your money

E4FMoney allows you to send and receive money within minutes, from other E4FM customers, or via Wire or Local Bank Transfers within a few hours. It also offers convenient exchange rates for 20+ currencies and multiple payouts features, everything while helping you save on your payment fees. E4FMoney transfers are carried out within a secure and fast environment, for the convenience of its customers.

Why choose E4FMoney?

The platform gives you everything you need to manage your money — without the high fees and commissions, bureaucracy, long waiting time at the bank, and security concerns.

Multiple transfer methods

You can choose to send money to your own bank-issued card, or via Wire transfer or a Local Bank Transfer. You can even top-up the E4FMoney prepaid card and use it while shopping at your local stores.

Transfers happen within minutes

Sending and receiving payments to and from other E4FMoney users is a process that happens almost instantly. All other transfers happen within minutes or hours, depending on your country of residence.

Secure and reliable environment

The platform is built using the latest technology on the market. Strong security measures are set in place to protects customers, their money and their data.

User-friendly platform

In most cases, platforms that are meant for money transfers, are not as simple to use as they are supposed to be. E4FMoney takes the hassle out of managing your payments through such services.

Lower fees & commissions

E4FMoney is convenient from multiple points of view and when it comes to how low its fees are, most platforms don't even come close to it. You end up saving money on every payment!